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British Market Research Assosiation
about the BMRA

What is the bmra?

The bmra is the trade association for the British market research industry.

How was it formed?

It was formed in April 1998 by the merger of the two previous established trade associations, ABMRC (Association of British Market Research Companies) and AMSO (Association of Market Research Survey Organisations).

Why was it formed?

The purpose of creating a single trade association was twofold.

  • Firstly to give research buyers one point to contact for quality assurance in their research and benefit from the synergy of large and small companies working together.
  • Secondly for member companies to have a single voice for the industry and in particular with government.

Aims of the bmra

  • To represent and promote the professional and commercial interests of all our members.
  • To increase the professionalism of the industry.
  • To promote confidence in market research.

How is it different to the Market Research Society (MRS)?

bmra membership is for companies whose primary business is market research, whilst the Market Research Society (MRS) membership is for individuals who work in research. bmra is governed by a board of Council Members made up of Managing Directors of large and small research companies.

What does the bmra do?

The main aims of the Association are to increase professionalism and promote confidence in the market research industry, both in the UK and internationally; as well as representing the professional and commercial interests of its member companies.

Why should I use a bmra company?

  • The underlying benefit is quality and professionalism. All bmra companies must sign up and follow the conditions of the Quality Charter and the Constitution (shown on this website).
  • All Members must also strictly adhere to the codes of conduct of the MRS or ICC/ESOMAR (shown on this website).
  • bmra supports the Market Research Quality Standards Association (MRQSA) and members with annual turnover greater than £1,000,000, must be accredited to MRQSA by January 2002.
  • bmra offers Selectline - a lead referral service which helps to match research buyers with member companies offering the services they require.

How do I become a bmra member?

There are a number of criteria to becoming a bmra member. Click here to view full details regarding membership

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