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Reports on all aspects of legislation affecting research agencies

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code of conduct
Code of Business Practice


1.1 The BMRA Code of Practice sets out how BMRA member companies must conduct their business relationship with clients; BMRA companies must subscribe to this Code as a condition of membership.

1.2 The BMRA Code supplements other industry codes of conduct and is intended to give added protection to clients of BMRA member agencies.


2.1 BMRA member companies have responsibilities to their clients, their employees, the market research profession as a whole and to the public. The principals of all BMRA companies are answerable to the BMRA Council for any conduct which is in breach of this Code or which could bring BMRA or the market research profession into disrepute.

2.2 A member of the BMRA shall at all times use its best endeavours to ensure that its employees, workers, and subcontractors act honestly and in such a manner that clients are not misled. A BMRA member company shall at no time knowingly or recklessly disseminate false or misleading information, nor make false or misleading claims as to its own expertise.

2.3 A BMRA member company shall not seek to obtain business in a manner which, in the opinion of BMRA Council, is unprofessional, nor shall it knowingly or recklessly injure or damage the professional reputation, practice or business interests of other BMRA member companies.

2.4 A member of the BMRA shall at all times use its best endeavours to ensure that all employees, workers and subcontractors, employed on any project shall possess the relevant level of expertise required for the efficient conduct of the project. This provision also applies to any sub-contracted portions of any project.


3.1 A BMRA member company must always advise clients as to what it considers to be the most effective way to conduct any research study. If a member company has any doubts as to whether a study design proposed by a client will provide the information required, it must make these reservations known before agreeing to undertake the work.

3.2 A BMRA member company must conduct any study in the manner agreed upon. No part of any project may be sub-contracted without the client’s knowledge and approval; any deviation from an agreed proposal must be agreed in advance. However, if it becomes apparent that the agreed methodology is in any way inappropriate, the member company must inform the client immediately and must recommend the appropriate course of action.

3.3 A BMRA member company must permit representatives of clients to accompany, observe or attend interviews and/or to examine completed questionnaires etc., provided this does not jeopardise the integrity of the project and provided data protection and confidentiality regulations are not breached. The client will compensate the agency for any additional costs which may be incurred and the member company will advise what these extra costs will be.

3.4 A BMRA member company must always hold confidential all information obtained about its clients’ business operations as well as the results of all research projects conducted for a client.

3.5 A BMRA member company will observe the BMRA Quality Charter at all times.

3.6 A BMRA member company must provide a client with details of its terms and conditions of business; the agreed terms and conditions of business shall be at the discretion of the member company and the client but they may not breach any part of the BMRA Code of Business Practice or the BMRA Quality Charter.

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Author: BMRA
Published on: 1/28/2002 11:39:04 AM

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